Comprehensive Renting Policy A







1. Comprehensive Renting Policy For Individual (Circular)
2. Annexure A1 (Availability of Accommodation)
3. Annexure A2 (Provision of CROP2020 as applicable to Individuals Renting)
4. Annexure B1 (Application for Renting out Staff Quaters)
5. Annexure B2 (Application for Extended Retension of Staff Quaters)
6. CROP Allotment Retired Employees dated 14.10.2020
7. Rent/Charges payment details
8. Extended Retention of Staff Quaters at Mumbai Dated 21.10.2020
9. Provisional Quaters Allotment 02.11.2020
10. Provisional Allotement - CROP Retired MTNL Order dated 26.11.2020
11. Provisional Allotement - CROP Retired BSNL Order dated 02.12.2020
12. Provisional Allotement - CROP Retired BSNL Order dated 12.02.2021
13. Guarantor Agreement
14. Undertaking for retired BSNL, MTNL, DOT Employees
15. Undertaking for Other Organization