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ESS Login

Click here for ESS Login Link

Information: 1) The browser supported by the current version of SAP in use at BSNL is Internet Explorer - IE 8.0 (IE 7 can also be used but lower than that).

2) In case anyone is using IE9 and above, they have to switch on browser compatibility. (press F12 and select “Browser Mode: IE8” and  “Document Mode:Quirks”).

Solutions for difficulties faced in using ERP ESS after software upgradation

Note: Please follow the steps below if ESS login is not working in your PC:

Step 1: Download ess_config.exe and Run the file.

Step 2: Open Internet Explorer

Step 3: Go to Tools --> Internet Options --> Connections --> LAN Settings --> Advanced --> Exceptions --> Type 10.*.*.*;http://sp05rpx1.erp.bsnl.co.in;http://EPCI.erp.bsnl.co.in;http://erci.erp.bsnl.co.in;http://erci.erp.bsnl.co.in:8002;http://erci.erp.bsnl.co.in:8010 in the space provided.

Step 4: Now click on Link to open ESS login.